Come, look and admire....

Is it a rainy day?

Below are a number of museums in the vicinity of Lyts Paradys

Museum de Proefkolonie in Frederiksoord

See, experience and admire.

Go 200 years back in time and experience the story of Johannes van den Bosch and the first colonists (paupers & pioneers) who found a new future in the Free Colonies of Weldadigheid.

National Braid Museum in Noordwolde

Rattan is of all times.

The unique story of braiding in Noordwolde and the surrounding area in the Rijksrietvlechtschool, a state museum with a special atmosphere. In addition to attention to the past, modern designers are featured. Even the industrial applications of braiding are not forgotten.

Museum False Art in Vledder

Is it real or is it fake?

The impeccable fakes will put many visitors to shame. Is it real or a fake or a clever copy? The work of famous artists such as Appel, Picasso, DalĂ­, Matisse and Rodin is more often faked than you think.

Photo Prison Museum

The prison museum in Veenhuizen

Look around the house of a government official or the coffin of a prisoner....

In the Gevangenismuseum - housed in one of the original colony buildings - you will learn all about the history of Veenhuizen.

Miramar Maritime Museum in Vledder

Impressive collection of sea curiosities

The museum shows the impressive collection of sea curiosities collected by Miss Warners from all oceans and continents.